Roche cuts Zika detection time in half.

Cancer immunotherapy

For more than 50 years, Roche has been developing medicines with the goal to redefine treatment in oncology. Today, we’re investing more than ever to bring personalised immunotherapy to people with cancer.

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The value of diagnostics lies in ‘knowing’ !!


Performed on blood, tissue or other patient samples, in vitro diagnostics are a critical source of objective information for improved disease management and patient care.In modern healthcare, in vitro diagnostics go far beyond simply telling a doctor whether a patient has a certain disease or not. Today, they are an integral part of decision-making along the entire continuum of a patient’s health or disease, enabling physicians to make full use of IVDs along the healthcare value chain.

"We are committed to delivering the best possible diagnostic solutions to improve peoples lives. Sustainable healthcare depends on diagnostics, and as the leader in the industry, we have the opportunity to shape healthcare delivery, to optimize resources, and to ultimately benefit society as a whole".
- Roland Diggelmann, COO Roche Diagnostics

In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) have long been considered as the “silent champion” of healthcare, influencing over 60 % of clinical decision-making, while accounting for only about 2 % of total healthcare spending.
Diagnostics allows laboratories to be the reliable partners that healthcare professionals need. It empowers doctors to make the right decisions for their patients at the right time; it allows people to have improved control over their health and wellbeing; and it gives payers and policymakers the confidence that they are investing in the right solutions for patients and the future of healthcare.
Modern diagnostics reduces costs by diminishing subsequent health problems, reducing hospitalization and avoiding unnecessary treatment. The future of sustainable healthcare depends on diagnostics.



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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are essential to determine whether new drugs, diagnostics or procedures in the laboratory are both safe and effective when used to diagnose or treat people.